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Tesco £50 voucher

Cat SadHas anybody actually received a voucher yet? I haven’t received no email or nothing stating how/where to claim if anyone can shed some light thanks 

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Hi how did you complain is there an email or something thanks? I’ve tried emailing that awin one again and they still haven’t got back to me
Mentor but uk-nowtv(at) are more responsive. 

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they seem to be BLATENTLY ripping folk off i anit having it, will report them to everyone i can its borderline criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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Hi Guys,


Same problem but now solved! The way it went:

1) waited and called - they said the 2 months must pass

2) the 2 months passed, called again - they said the bullsh*t that it's not their responsibility

3) sent a mail to the following addresses describing the story and saying that if I'm not getting a meaningful reply soon I'll go to ASA and similar authorities on fair advertisement:

a) Lauren Conder <lauren(fullstop)conder(at)awin(fullstop)com

b) uk(dash)nowtv(at)awin(fullstop)com

c) uk(at)wegift.(fullstop)io


I received my gift card within an hour 🙂 🙂


Good luck, all!

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Got a £50 voucher from Tesco that worked for about a week and then stopped working in store. Tesco said to call a number which I rang, but they said to go back in store. Tesco are claiming it's an issue with Now TV and vice versa. Now TV refusing to do anything about it. I'm now getting Trading standards involved

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Got mine this morning via email finally! Chased we gift who said chase awin who never replied to my emails. Went on live chat told now TV who said they need to apply for it on my behalf .... Got it 8 days later. Hope this helps. 

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They replied back to me regarding this almost a year after i'd emailed them (See below). 


Lucky me.



I will be leaving this Con of broadband provider asap!





Hi Richie,


Apologies for the delay in looking into this for you and
inconvenience caused. Could you please confirm your account number so that I
can investigate this further?





-----Original Message-----
From: Richie 
Sent: 13 November 2018 14:24
To: UK - Nowtvvouchers <[email removed]>
Subject: Retrieving my Tesco's £50 Voucher

Hi I joined Now Tv in September of this year. As part of the deal for signing up I was offered a £50 Tesco’s voucher but I’ve noticed I haven’t heard anything since or been given any information on how to retrieve this offer.

Any light you can shed on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Mr Gardener