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Price error on site for new customers

Hi i have just done a broadband check on now tv site and shows in middle £25.00 but in the basket area on right shows £35.00 

can not upload a image how do u do that on this site have clicked the camera but does not work like other sites 

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@Anonymous User I believe you can't post photos until you've posted a number of times. You can use the little link icon next to it though which will upload the screenshot to a third party hosting site.


I've just used the broadband checker and my basket shows £25. Have you chosen any extras?


Anonymous User
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No. As the full fibre shows as £35.00.

But have just offered a better deal from talktalk on bigger speed and any
time calls for £29.

Will see tomorrow what the site does as could be a cookie file issue.
Anonymous User
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Hi any staff reply to this matter

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Hi  @Anonymous User 


Because the Community Forum is predominantly customer to customer interaction, you will be better off contacting the NOW Broadband Team directly.


see link page below for the various communication methods for NOW Broadband customers.