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Nowtv broadband

Hi just wondered if anyone could tell me if i get a device to watch now tv on when I sign up for the broadband package?or if there was any way to make that possible?thanks 


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Re: Nowtv broadband

Hi, when you sign up for Now Broadband you will receive a new ROUTER and will be given a date when the engineer will come and install it. He will check your phone lines to see what adapter he needs etc. Installation is quick and he will do everything for you, even hook up to the t.v. And set up internet on your computer etc.

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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Nowtv broadband

Hi @Core86 


When you sign up to the NowTV Broadband package the only hardware you are given is a Hub Router for access to the internet.


You will need to provide your own playback device to watch NowTV on.


See if you already own any of these devices on this help guide linked below.


You can have a maximum of 6 number registered devices and 2 simultaneous streams on a single account.


If you don't own any of these devices, then the cheapest hardware to buy would be a NowTV stick with a included bundled pass from places like Argos, Curry's etc which are currently selling for £15 (just make sure your TV has a spare HDMI port on it).

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