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I already subscribe to Now TV Entertainment, Movies and Kids. I phoned up to also add broadband and a phone line to my account. I found an offer online for Broadband, Phone and Entertainment for a slightly discounted price however when I phoned up to order I was told this deal is for new customers only. I know alot of companys do this but common guys are you really gonna loose me as a broadband customer for the sake of a couple of pound a month. Ive been a customer for years where is the deal for loyal customers who have been keeping your lights switched on ???


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                                               Loyalty in the 21st Century

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@Anonymous User As a broadband customer you should be entitled to a £3pm discount on your entertainment and cinema passes. More info here

In addition you might want to look out for other existing customer offers appearing on here from time to time or on the usual 'offer sharing' websites. Some users also get discounted offers when they go to cancel a pass which might beat the £3pm broadband discount.