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Getting cheaper broadband

I’m currently on brilliant broadband and getting charged £25 per month and have been for months.

BUT I’ve noticed they’re offered brilliant broadband at £18 and fibre at £25? 


Is there any way I can get mine cheaper? I don’t understand why I’m paying £25 just for the standard broadband? And I don’t need fibre so would just like to be paying £18. Or is this for new customers only? Which I think is a little unfair tbh.


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The T&C's are at the bottom of the offer page


"NOW Broadband Network Areas Only. Speeds vary significantly by location.

Fibre: Only applicable to NOW Fibre areas only. Speeds vary by location. 


NOW Broadband: 18+. UK only. NOW Broadband available to new NOW Broadband customers and new and existing TV customers, not available to existing NOW Broadband/Combo customers." 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


Because you agreed to the £25 fixed price 12 month Broadband service i doubt in the 12 month period NowTV would budge on dropping the price (you could try phoning them to see what they say but expect a long waiting time when getting through to them).


If they won't budge then towards the end of the 12 month contract phone them back up again and ask for their best deal to stay for a further 12 months (if the new deal is not to your satisfaction then look else where for better deals with other ISP's).

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Thank you. I’ve been paying £25 for the last 3 years now. I will give then s call when all this madness is over. I doubt very much I’ll get through atm. And to be honest it’s not important- I was just wondering if I could reduce it. 

Thanks again