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Cant Complete Signup

In the past I had a NOWtv broadband account and have also subscribed to Now TV services. After 18 months with Vodafone I decided to go back to Now for broadband and signed up for 'Fab Fibre'. However when I tried to sign into it my old account came up and showed no details of the new one. I phoned the help line and he said to use a new email address but it treated that as another sign up and again showed I made a new sign-up for broadband and was given a new account which again showed no trace of the account I had just signed up for. Any help with this please?

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Re: Cant Complete Signup

Hi @joesher9 


Being a fellow customer i will not be able to help much.


How far do you get with the Broadband order process, are you stuck at the first hurdle or the order has been processed and you can't see the order confirmation on any of the sections under your online account such has Orders & Appointments ?


If you believe the order has gone through, but you can't see it on your online account under any of the My Broadband & Calls sub sections.


Then would you have a smartphone with internet data on it to sign into the NOW online account to see if you can see anything relating to the order.


If you haven't managed to order NOW Broadband , then try your smartphone with internet data instead of your main internet browser device and your home internet. 


When i signed up to NOW Broadband online, i received an email within an hour, plus the email was also showing under My Messages under the My Broadband & Calls section on my account.


The only thing i can't view on my account is any information under My Orders & Appointments where the screen page has been blank for several years and i reported it to NOW which was never fixed for me.


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