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Cancel my pass

 What do I do rang up and apparently no phone numbers to ring them all forTried following instructions on line in my account but not showing cancel to click it to cancel my pass and now taken a payment 

Anonymous User
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Tried to ring but got told it was only broadband no phone numbers for nowtv team can’t cancel my entertainment pass no cancel icon on my nowtv account and getting charged for it don’t use it it was a free pass with the stick I bought set it up now charges for it how can I cancel it and get my money back 

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Hi @Anonymous User 

Your best option would be to contact nowtv via their live chat service or drop them a message.

Link here.

Was the cancel button greyed out & locked when going to My Account > Passes & Vouchers ?

Which usually means that payment is being processed in the next 24 hrs or does it say Buy Pass or Start Trial with no cancel button which usually means there is no pass active on this account which would suggest you have more than one nowtv account set up.