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"We've applied a new discount to your account"

Yesterday I got an email, saying "As a valued NOW Member, we’ve extended your Entertainment Membership offer for the next 6 months. That means you can continue watching award-winning shows for £4.99 a month"


Which was unexpected good news and I'm happy to continue with, but I also have a Cinema pass taken out at the same time for £5.99pm , but no offer on that, just wondering if they will offer to extend that too?


I guess they're keen to keep what customers they have;  you should have really come through with the 12 month entertainment + cinema pass for £99 again last year... or match Netflix/Amazon at £9.99 for entertainment + cinema, its not rocket science.

Legend 5
Legend 5


This is the way NOW have been going mainly because of COVID forcing them to do so many refunds. It made perfect sense to ditch the annual payment for any membership.


Whats been happening recently is that movies and entertainment can be paid for up to 4/6 months in advance. Which is what I did not long ago. 

As this is a customer forum saying “you” won’t get much of a reply from NOW staff who seldom monitor the forum.

To get a sure fire answer on any extension, you are best to head onto live chat by clicking “chat online”.

Alternatively you can send an email to customer support. Address is on the below picture.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help