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promotional offer for cinema and entertainment question

Can anyone help me?  I set up an account a couple of weeks ago and was unable to load anything onto my tv, tried to purchase the 6 month deal with cinema and entertainment for £51, but failed and nothing went into my account and it stated no transations had been made.  I have been out today and bought a now tv box.  I have set this up.  When I go in to get the 6 month pass on my computer it flashes up that it has sent me an email.  I have not received any emails.  When I go into my account on the tv the only options I have are the 14 day free trials - I have not accepted any of these.  Can anyone tell me how to get this 6 month deal? I have just had to buy the sky sports pass for a day so my family can watch the rugby whilst I work out what to do..

Legend 5
Legend 5

@Anonymous User Welcome to the community. Did you open the account first before trying to buy the offer? If so it won't work, as the offer is for brand new customers who sign up for an account after clicking the offer. Best thing to do is have a word with live chat, explain what happened and see if they can do anything for you.

You can get to live chat from the Contact Us page

(expand the Anything Else section at the bottom for options)