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Hi I signed up for broadband for £22 a month, and entertainment pass for 5.99 a month, but every time I go on now TV, it says entertainment pass will renew at £8.99. can't get through to anyone to ask if it will automatically go to £5.99. My welcome emails don't mention anything, just about the £22 for broadband, but I wanted TV too


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Hi @Anonymous User 


Not familiar with the Entertainment Pass offer that comes with NowTV Broadband.


If there is nothing showing on your account under My Account > Passes & Vouchers whilst logged in on here and you have 30 days or less remaining on an existing Entertainment pass and there is no separate email correspondence received from NowTV (check your junk email and Message Centre under My Account on here).


Then your best option is to contact live chat.


To reach live chat open the link below and click on the small blue arrow directly underneath How to Get in Touch to reveal the green chat button to click on.


Should the live chat button not work for you, try a different internet browser or another device with an internet browser on it. 

Anonymous User
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I have the same issue, except wanting the sky cinema package. No response fro email or phone & live chat not working. I understand the call centre is in fact sited in India which is under complete lockdown but given 5he parent company is Sky is it asking too much for at least a holding response.