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impossible to add valid code

hi all,

i’m having issues adding a voucher, the code is valid but cannot apply it. 

have tried via iphone, mac & via now tv app on box itself. on mac have tried safari, chrome and firefox browsers - same result each time. message is ‘we are having problems with vouchers right now’ or similar.

have been in touch with now tv help and they have been no use - have tried all their suggestions as above and no result.

what else can i do, no-one at now tv seems to have a solution to this? not great from them so far.

do i have to escalate this further to get a resolution? where can i do that?

grateful for any feedback!! thanks

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I had a similar problem with 5 weekly sports passes back in February this year. Despite them all being less than twelve months old, customer service kept telling me that they had all expired. 

The web chat service was useless and had no idea what I was talking about and emails to/from customer service got me nowhere. Then to add insult to injury I was sent a Nowtv survey to complete which asked me if I had ever used gift cards and did I know that they were valid for twelve months - erm yes I do but nobody who actually works there seems to.

I have recently send a letter to the company secretary at head office in the hope of getting my £50 back and am waiting for a reply.

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good luck with getting your money back!

no-one at now tv knows how to resolve a simple issue like adding a valid code to my account, so are just ignoring me now! pretty shocking customer service.

looks like i’ll definitely be looking elsewhere for tv - amazon prime & netflix looking very good at the moment!