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My broadband and phone was connected on 4th September 2018, after several unanswered emails, I spoke with Now TV representative Laura on Wednesday 8th January and Paul on Tuesday 18th December regarding not having received my £50.00 M & S voucher. On both occasions I was told that they would escalate this back to the office team who are currently chasing these up and they would contact the affiliates running the offer and would contact me via email once they had an update/specified date that I would receive the voucher.

I have received an email on Wednesday 16 January and my M & S eGift, thank you, however I feel very disillusion.  

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Re: eGift card

I joined NowTV on 17 Agust 2018 and submitted my details for the £50.00 M&S egift at the same time.


By February 2019, it still had not arrived. I spoke to Jake at Now TV at 1045 on 3 March and he promised to escalate the case to the Voucher Team back office.


On 20 March 2019, I saved a web chat with Kim, who promised to escalate the case to the Voucher Team again. I specifically asked Kim to get the Voucher Team to acknowledge by email that they were looking at the case.


You guessed it - no response, no email from the Voucher Team. It's now 24 March 2019 and I'm still waiting for my voucher after 7 months. I'm beginning to think the M&S egift offer was a scam and that Now TV try to evade the commitment if they can get away with it. Should I take this to the Regulator?

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