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Offers & Vouchers


Free pass scam

I have not been on now tv for over a year and want to be taken off the system with my card details removed....seems this is too hard to do. now they keep bombarding me with free passes.???? I am concerned this is happening without my permission. The ...

How to cancel an pass

Hi to you all I’m finding it impossible to cancel my passes on my now tv account on my mobile Device. I’ve tried on my laptop but still can’t. Now tv live chat is unavailable and I’m wondering if any of you knows any trick that could help me please T...

Free months after cancelling pass offer

I recently cancelled my pass and was offered 3 months free, for both entertainment and cinema, I accepted but have now noticed they're not free at all, and I'm expected to pay 4.80 pm for cinema and 3.60 for the entertainment, now I know that's an OK...

Cinema pass doesn’t work. Please help

Hi, I purchased a £20.00 Now stick and set it up yesterday. I got a cinema pass, but going on today to use it it’s asking me to pay or get 7 days. The stick was to give me 1 month cinema and entertainment. Does anyone know how to get the pass back to...

Now tv offer

Nowtv have added an offer to my cinema pass for 6 months. I didn’t ask for the offer and have purchased a voucher which is cheaper. How do I get the offer cancelled as I can’t apply the voucher while the offer is active.

Resolved! Cancelling free trial

Hello lovely people! Could someone please advise me how I can cancel my 7 day free trial? I have been trying to find a way since day 1, but still unable to do it. When I go to 'passes and vouchers' no option of cancelling it shows up. I have looked t...

Terrible cancellation button.

I got an offer from Mcdonalds a year ago and proceeded to activate it , i then thought i cancelled a year ago (because i never used it , not even once)...but nope. Due to this nowtv cancellation process ,which is click to cancel , are you sure you wa...

Resolved! 2 month entertainment pass

I bought the stick with the 2 month entertainment pass but in my account it says I have no passes. Do I need to wait for my stick to arrive or is there some other way to start watching ?