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Offers & Vouchers


Skysports pass offers

Hi all, as there's no Live Chat or anyone to contact Now, messaging here... I'm considering starting up Skysports again via Now, but am no way paying full price if I did, and especially not now while there's no live sport! Does anyone know where to g...

free trial

I am brand new. I clicked a weeks free trial but now, on the TV screen it is asking me to enter something - maybe a number but I don't know what number to enter. No number appeared when I selected the pass. Where do I find something to enter please?

Can't apply new vouchers

Everytime I go to put on a new voucher it saysHmmm it looks like this voucher isn't valid yet. Check the start code and try again laterThe only thing it says on the back of the vouchers is information and pricing right as of 6 August 2019 Can anyone ...

Passes applied but not working

Hi, I started my NowTV with a stick & bundle. Before the trials ran out I applied a entertaintments pass that was bought from Tesco. Then I got a freebie six month cinema pass from and applied that. But when checking my credit card I fou...

Resolved! Free trial

Greetings  I've bought 2 x Now TV sticks (1 for the kids one for us) both of which have the 1 month free entertainment and cinema.      I'm aware that I can run 2 devices at any one time on the same account.  My question is.  can I log on the second ...

Resolved! Being charged for something I didn't have

I had a offer code from my phone provider Vodafone one month free sky cinema plus entertainment pass on 16th December  the cost of that was £1 the renew date was January 2020 on the 26th of December I got charged £8.99 for entertainment pass they say...

Now tv stick

I have bought now tv stick with 1 month free entertainment and cinema I cant redeem it asks me to update payment details then says I cant buy pass right now