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Offers & Vouchers


Voucher code expired but not expired!

Having brought a product from GAME 27/11/19 where i get some NOW TV 2 months free vouchers, i came to redeem these vouchers a few weeks ago only to be told that they are invalid / expired! The terms on these vouchers are valid for 6 months after the ...

Hold on a sec....

I have just received a Now TV stick and been given 3 activation codes from Sky.  When I try to activate, the website recognises the codes and what they are for, but when I click "Start Offer", I get the rotating balls and a message saying "Hold on a ...

Resolved! Problems with vouchers and passes

Hope someone can help with this. Been using this for some time just with passes. Went on a few days ago to add a new pass and the system wouldn't let me. I tried again with a different browser and the yesterday it told me I couldn't add a pass until ...

Sky Sports offer and COVID 19

I had an offer for 6 months of Sky Sports for £19.99 a month. Not wanting to miss out on the offer I have not cancelled the pass until now as I was informed that passes on offers would be extended as a result of sport being postponed due to the coron...

Cant add Hayu

Hi can anyone help, i am trying to add hayu to my device, however the pass does not show up for me to add, does anyone know a way around this please?

Cinema pass

Hi can someone help me please? I bought a nowtv stock today with the free three month cinema pass. I set it up and it said it activated my pass which would end in August 2020 and I updated my bank details. I’m now trying to use it and it’s saying I d...

Problem adding cinema pass

I have recently purchased a cinema month pass. My current pass runs out on 22nd may but my account will not allow me to add my new pass on.  I have no way of contacting now tv so hoping you can help.  Thanks