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Offers & Vouchers


Voucher saying already used when it hasn't

Hi, my entertainment pass was cancelled due to no payment as the card details needed updating. I've since updated the card details for the account and I have a voucher code to use for an entertainment pass. When I put the code in it came up saying I ...

Pass/Voucher does not process

Once I've entered a voucher code for Sky Cinema Pass, I click the button 'start trial now'. There is a loading image 'checking account' etc. It keeps loading for hours and doesn't actually process.I've tried refreshing the page, signing in and out, u...

Offers won't activate

Offers made after trying to cancel won't activate when clicked. Says 'This is embarrassing, please try again' but same thing happens?? No live chat available

Being charged with no reason

Hi, I need to complain because it is not fair that I have been charged March, April, and May without any reason. Why would I be charged while there is no sport on TV? COVID has affected all of us and there is nothing to watch on channels I have on my...

Unable to Claim TV offer with Broadband Package

I already had an old account of Now Tv with no active passes, and my current ISP contract was up so I decided to switch suppliers as the offer from NOW included Sky Cinema Pass for £5.99/ month for 12 month This pass, however, cannot be added after I...

Resolved! Voucher Code Not Working

Bought a pass from CDKeys for a Entertainment Pass for 2 month tried putting into my account but comes up with Sorry - this offer has now ended and you missed out this time. I have sent e-mails to CDKeys asking for another code to be sent or my money...

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Resolved! cannot redeem my preloaded voucher

please someone help!! i have just bought a now tv stick with a pre loaded 2 month entertainment pass, the voucher is showing in my account but it will not let me redeem. every time i press the button to redeem i get an error msg saying to refresh bro...


When there is an offer on my account and I try to accept it . It says sorry there is a problem and I dont get the offer.  This has happened 3 or 4 times!!

Resolved! Being charged for free pass

When I cancelled a movies pass, I was offered three months of entertainment for free, which I accepted. Now this pass has started, I'm actually being charged £3.60 a month for this. I've tried getting in contact, but can't find any way to get help; l...