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NOW TV skysports and fibre BB deal

Below is the offer on the website, linked from moneysupermarket and when I go through to purchase it does not allow me to add the sports pass for £20 a month it's asking for £33.99 a month.  NowTV can't claim this is an error on google etc. it's even...

Resolved! Sky sports pass

Given that the Premier league has been given the green light to restart on June 17th, and with sky having majority of the games.... Will NOWTV be placing an offer on the monthly pass for the remainder of the season? 

Previous sports offer

Hi i Had the sports channels on NowTv for £20 for since December and it was to run until August When Covid happened I tried to contact NowTv on various different platforms to pause the offer but I couldn’t get hold of anyone to pause it so I had to c...

Misleading Advertising for Sports Pass

As a loyal customer of many years, I have not been one of the chosen few to be emailed the 3 month Sports Pass Offer.  I am aware that there is talk of additional member offers to come, but while I wait I am looking online for a good deal.  The top G...

Activating the NOW TV Boost

So I’m keen to add the new Boost pass to my account. For a long period of time now I’ve had he Entertainment and Sports passes, on a monthly renewal basis. However - nowhere in my account, or any of my apps, can I find anywhere to actually purchase i...

Passes after free trial

Had now tv since the white box and bought 4 back in the day for kids rooms and that. We used the free trial passes from them all on one account. When the black one came out we got 2 of them and also used the free passes on the same account. We now ha...