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Now TV pass issue

Hi, I had a now tv sports pass which i purchased last September. It says on the voucher to use within 1 year. I am now trying to activate the pass, but it is saying the voucher is expired?  Any help or advice appreciated. Thanks

Redeemed voucher on wrong pass

I've redeemed my two months free code on the wrong pass. Big red box saying redeem code but on scrolling down see in small letters under movies redeem code. I've now cancelled the entertainment pass but says its available for a month or restart. Can'...

Now tv pass

I accidentally clicked and paid for a now tv pass only wanted to see how much it was how ever I cancelled it straight away would I get a refund ?

Resolved! Buying a sky sports day pass

I have received a sky sports day pass voucher so I can watch the Villa match today as I am a season ticket holder. I have tried to activate the voucher today, (many times) via my Now TV stick and online account without success. It will let me put in ...

Resolved! Unable to find / buy TV Boost pass

Just signed up for the 7 day free trial of the Cinema pass last week with the intention of adding the same for Boost pass. Had problems straight away - couldn’t sign back in to my account. Worked out it was a browser problem - switched from Firefox t...

Sky sports voucher

Brought a month sky sports pass and I don’t  have the voucher code to activate??Taken the money (obviously) but can’t speak to anyone and can’t watch sky sports!!!!Any ideas?? Thanks

Now TV Sports Pass for Month

I am logged into my account but when I look at my passes, I don't have the option to get a Sky Sports Month pass.  I have the mobile one and I can get a day one but that's all the options I have.  I would like my son to be able to watch football on h...

Sky Ports £25 pass issue

I click all the links through from the £25 a month Sky sports pass advert, but it only leads to the £33 a month option in my account.   No option of buying the pass for £25. Any suggestions?