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Offers & Vouchers



After going on Nowtv app,  I clicked on 7 day free trial for entertainment pack.  But after checking mobile banking app .30mins later I found I’d been charged £8.99.  Who do I contact to get it sorted ?

Sky cinema and sports

I have 2 promotional codes from for taking out insurance with them and Now TV not accepting them and stating I'm not eligible????

Voucher and code won’t work

Hi. My free trial ends in 2 days (I cancelled the day I applied the free trialso that it would end in time (7 days) to not roll over to a new contract) and I’ve bought a two month pass from Curry’s, however I just tried to enter the code and it’s not...

1 Month Cinema Pass

l have 3 one month 1 month cinema pass from and when l tryed putting the code in it says Sorry - this offer has now ended and you missed out this time. l email them and thay said to speak to now tv you help button does not work  l got the ...

Resolved! Pass no longer showing on app

I got a free month's mobile pass via Adidas app and added it to my account. It worked fine a few days ago but now I go to watch on my mobile and it says that I need a pass to watch. In my account it shows that I have no mobile passes. But when I log ...

Resolved! Trouble signing up to Boost

I've followed every instruction I can find ... Go into "My Account" --> "Passes & vouchers" I have subscriptions to Sky Cinema Pass, Entertainment Pass and Kids Pass -- all valid until 31st Jan 2021.   All bills are paid! All I see is the options to ...

Apple TV

I purchased sky sports 7 day package for £14.99 through my Apple TV and payment was take through PayPal I now have no access to it can anyone help or have I wasted £14.99 and no way of speaking to now tv !

Voucher not activating

Have been over 3 weeks trying to activate a Sports Voucher, free month given by Now Tv, have followed and tried everything iver 100 times and still does not activate. Spoke on Chat to a Now tv Rep, he aftet about 30mins could not fix anything and sai...

Now tv voucher offer - cancelled

Hi, I had a 3/4month now tv entertainment offer pass which i was supposed to enter each month just before the payment date. I accidentally cancelled this and now the next voucher is not being accepted. The next bill date was 9th July.

Resolved! Voucher code

I am on the free Adidas trail & when I put the code given by Adidas for sport mobile for a month it keeps saying it's been used. But I only got it yesterday & tried inputting it today? Main reason I did this was to watch the sports & I can't. Gutted