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Offers & Vouchers


Free pass

I have just set up a black box  but when it comes to getting the free passes it takes all my details and says sorry cannot complete  is there an easy fix 

Resolved! Mobile pass

If you take the mobile sports pass for £5.99, has anyone tried casting the mobile feed to a smart TV

Entertainment Pass

Got a 6 month entertainment pass when buying my car insurance.  Took ages to get my password reset.  Now when I try to register voucher code am getting message to say “ we are having trouble etc etc at the moment please try again in a few minutes. Th...

Old Combo Account

Ridiculous this 5 years with NOWTV originally taking a combo account. Have not had internet for 3 years now. BUT apparently the account is still combo - so can’t add tv using cards, can’t take advantage of any offers, can’t use TV boost. Contact chat...


I am trying to sign up by using a tesco club card rewards voucher with out adding a payment card as I don't have one but it won't let me get passed the add payment card page. 

Resolved! Offer no longer available

I logged in to my Now TV account to look at the Offers for passes and I was entitled to a 6 month Entertainment Pass for £6.99pm.  I wanted to try the Entertainment package out before committing to 6 months so decided to take the 7 day free trial and...

Pass activated too early

I just bought a Sports day pass in readiness for the F1 GP on Sunday, however, it looks like I’ve activated it in error today. Can NowTV cancel this pass and allow me to restart it on Sunday? Any ideas? I can’t seem to reach them to see if this is po...