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Sky Sports Season Pass

Hi All Usually at this time of the year I buy a Sky Sports Season Pass so I can watch the premier league season from beginning to end at a one off cost however, I haven’t received the offer this month. is this going to happen again this season? Best

6 month offer price increased after 1 month

Hi, I cancelled my entertainment pass, and was given an offer of £5.50 a month for 6 months.  I thought this was a good offer so decided to take it.  The first payment of the 6 month offer was taken 15th August for £5.50, shown in my payments page.  ...

Sky sports pass

Hi Just got sky sports for £20 per month  from November got it for £19.99 for October Got this by going onto live chat.

Resolved! Season pass

I’ve been checking in every week in my offers for the past month to see when the sky sports season pass is available to buy... does anyone know when they go on sale?  It’s usually just before the start of the football season. 

Cannot apply a better offer

Couple of weeks ago I received an offer of 2 months of sky sports at £20 per month. I redeemed the offer and it was due to start on the 16th September. Today I received an email offered the sky sports for 9 months at £20 per month. Obviously I want t...

white box free smartstick offer email scam?

I have just received an email telling me my nowtv white box is being shut down and offering me a free smaert stick,,,is this genuine or a scam,,i cannot see anything on your website about making this offer or that my existing white box is being shut ...

Scam or genuine

I’ve received an email stating the white boxes are being switched off and now tv are offering free sticks, is this genuine? The email looks very convincing, it was sent from [email removed]

Resolved! Now TV Pass 'Authorisation Rejected'

Hi, Whenever I input the voucher code for my Now TV sports pass in says 'Authorisation Rejected'. I have tried three different passes (they were gifts) but none of them work. I started trying to redeem the vouchers on my NOW TV box but after this fai...

Gift card not working

My partner got a 2 month movie voucher yesterday put code in said you are about to order movie pass clicked to apply but nothing happened, anyone have any ideas ?