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Offers & Vouchers


Argos passes, won’t register on tills

Hello, have been trying to buy entertainment and film passes in Argos for weeks, and they end up refunding my money as they fail to scan through the tills. Is this a Nottinghamshire conspiracy, or are they withdrawing the vouchers without actually be...

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Our Tesco account is in my wife's name. Our NOW TV account is in mine. Will she be able to use the boost facility on her vouchers on my account? In other words for those who have used the Tesco function, does it produce a code that can be applied to ...

Resolved! Adding another stick

Hi I’ve bought another stick for our second room, this stick comes with a promo offer. Will the offer be applied to the existing account? We’re still on the first promo offer of our first stick. thanks

Error when accepting new offer

My current now TV movie pass is nearly ended and I decided to cancel but was offered a new deal. However when trying to accept it I keep getting an error message saying that's embarrassing as something seems to have gone wrong, try again.  I have tri...

Lost 2 month cinema pass

Having problems, entered 2 month pass May 16th all good was then changed £11:99 on 6th June 廊 cancelled this on the 8th June now I've lost my 2 month pass and am being informed that cinema pass ends on 6th July, no way of contacting anyone to complai...

I've been charged for the 7 day free trial

I started the 7 day now entertainment free trial on Tuesday 27th Oct and two charges of £1 have shown up on my bank account. I've checked carefully and it is 100% definitely two consecutive charges and not a charge followed by a refund. Any ideas?

Buy Now TV pass gift card

Why can’t I find a Now TV gift cards in shops anymore?I have bought them for family members for years but nowhere seems to have any now.