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Offers & Vouchers



I am Openreach staff, I set up a now TV account and then my order for BTTV had to be cancelled and reapplied. I have been sent a Passcode to transfer the benefits into my account however it will not take it on the voucher page and I'm not sure where ...

SIRIS10 by Newbie
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Resolved! Entertainment

I have the offer of 3 months for £5.99pm.. can I, if required, cancel after one month, therefore just paying £5.99? 

Resolved! Free sports pass

I was given a free 6 month pass for sky sports but it doesn't work on golf, cricket, f1, main event.I can't get through to any help line or phone number. What do I do?

Av by Advocate
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Free trial

Signed up for a free trial today. But when I click on the program I want to watch it's saying I need to pay. I've verified my email etc. Any ideas 

1 day sky sports pass 6 month mobile app pass

I purchased the one day sky sports pass that comes with the 6 months free mobile only pass for five channels including sky sports premier league, but I can’t watch sky sports premier league on my phone. What’s the reason for this? I’m not signed up t...

Jb03 by Newbie
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Invalid voucher

Now Tv are offering Sky Sports for £21 until end of 8th May 2023.I click on it says invalidAny suggestions?

Fishy by Advocate
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New offer on cancellation

Hi,I was in the process of cancelling my sports membership currently on offer 27.99. However I was offered 19.99 for 6 months on the website however when I click on the deal but nothing happens. can anyone advice on how to obtain this deal? cheers sa...

SamuelH by Advocate
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boost offer

Have an offer for boost. When i accept i get this:Something went wrongUnable to retrieve product information, please select another productChoose another Membership Last day of offer is today. Can anyone help?

Susanj20 by Advocate
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£1 a month email

I've had an email for £1 a month for 3 months on sky cinema and it won't let me accept it? I've had a now subscription on and off for a while, put in email and password and then doesn't let me do anything else. Never had an issue before! Any help app...

Digby by Advocate
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