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Offers & Vouchers


Kids voucher Not working

Hi, i have a 1 month kids pass, was told only a few months ago by now tv that expiry was 31st dec 2021. I no the kids is now with entertainment. Therefore thought this would get me entertainment? But just says we having trouble with passes right now....

Resolved! Existing customer: No offers?

I took advantage of BF 2019 12mth Movies & Entertainment. It was a fabulous deal but sadly coming to an end. I was hoping for something similar this year, but nothing.Others on this Community seem to have a decent bundle offer (albeit struggling to c...

Voucher invalid

I’m trying to watch the friends reunion on Now Tv. I started the free trial and it does not come up in my search on the TV but does on my phone. When I click it on my phone it says voucher is invalid and I need to buy a pass. How can this be a free t...

Resolved! Voucher not working

Two days ago I received a free one-month voucher code for the movies and I typed in the code while I still had two days left to run on my previous months movies pass.  It accepted the voucher but didn't give me anything back in return.  I thought thi...


I have an offer applied to my account via now tv l don’t request this offer it was just applied by now tv themselves l never asked for this offer never mind having it applied to my account l today requested them to cancel the offer they applied to my...

Purchased wrong voucher

I've purchased the wrong voucher (sports) and I meant to have purchased the entertainments one. Is there anyway I can use the sports voucher for the entertainments package or do I have to go back to the shop for a refund? I thought maybe the value of...

Resolved! We've applied a discount to your account​

Hello thereI had a membership offer for NOW Entertainment TV, due to expire in June 2021. I received an email saying that I was given "a new offer for the next 6 months" - which is great! However, I am unsure if it is 6 months from June or from recep...

lost in translation

i set up my nowtv account and activated my 1 month free cinema but even though original code was accepted stick keeps generating new codes i don't know what to do 

Man utd vrs Liverpool game

Due to the game being cancelled last week and resceduled for this week i email Now tv and they said they'd credit my account for tonights game..... cant find it HELP!!!!! 

Resolved! Entertainment offers

Hi I wasn't told that my entertainment offer had came to an end, till I read my bank statement. Does anybody no of any entertainment offers at the moment thanks.