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Resolved! 6 month free Sports membership not applied

Hi, I recently purchased a PPV event through BT Sports Box Office and was given 6 months free NOW Sports membership, however it hasn't been added to my account and I can't watch live Sports events on the Now app. I'd contact Now directly for help but...

5 months free offer with day ticket

Can anyone help  me out, I need to speak to someone  basically,  I purchased a day ticket in an around the 27th July,  when I purchased this i got an email  saying that I would  get 5 particular channels free for  5 months,  , it started automaticall...

New customer

Hi. I have just join now tv.I need help with entertainment pass.I have bought it with my broadband deals but when im on my account it shows option of purchasing for £9.99. When it been paid with my broadband price. 

Resolved! Sports Deal

I received an email from Now on 23rd Sept saying that there was a 3 month offer, which was available until 3rd October. Having clicked on the link, it is saying a I need a Code. No Code was provided in the email and I cannot find any details. Is ther...

Sports Day + Mobile Month Membership

Hi I took this voucher out yesterday and watched on my TV.  Trying to view content on my mobile now but get the message saying I have no pass on my account.  Any help or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks 

Help with new stick no voucher in box

Hi I registered lastnight to now tv and this morning I have set up my new stick. It’s linked to my new account and given me the deals I added lastnight when I registered. However, on the box I have realised that I’m entitled to 1 month free cinema an...

Pay for entertainment through mobile package

Hi, I have the entertainment now pass through my mobile contract. I went on this morning to watch it and it’s telling me I have to use the 7 day free trial to watch it. It was working fine last night and my mobile contract is not due to expire yet. H...

3months @ £20 sports pass

Do I have to pay for all 3months at the offer rate or can I cancel and effectively get one month for £20 which is all I want!! Ryder cup is my interest. Thank you Sarah 

Sports mobile membership

I purchased a sports day pass that came with a free 5 months sports mobile. The day pass has expired but I cannot watch any of the sports channels on my phone? Says still valid until 25th October but if I click on any sports channel it says that I ne...