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Offers & Vouchers


Sky sports £14.99 for 3 months offer

HiI’ve just bought the 3 months at £14.99 sky sports pass offerpaid via PayPal but rather than charging me £14.99 it’s charged me £1 which is weirdive had no confirmation email from Now and I can’t find the transaction or payment or pass in my custom...

Resolved! Boost for £2 a month

I received an email offering me boost for £2 a month for 3 months, but when I click the libk in the email it just brings me to a blank page on now tv website.  Doesn't matter if I am logged in or not. Please help as it expires tomorrow!

50% off sports voucher 3 months

I've been sent a voucher for 3 months of sports for £14.99 I can't use the voucher. It says I've already got this offer I can edit my basket. I have no passes of any kind active. We previously had sports mobile offer that was given completely free an...

NOW can boost off

Had yet another offer for boost, and this time it's £2 for three months, then I think of what I have Entertainment Pass Movie Pass Sports Pass so can someone from NOW explain to me, why I should have to pay extra to get ad free content, when in my ho...


I am wanting a booster at £2 and month but when i go to the check out it says It looks like you're visiting us from outside your home country, you won't be able to purchase a Membership here. You can still watch your great NOW content if you're in th...

Membership offer

I was in the process of managing my membership and there was a 3 months half price offer on cinema which I selected. The site crashed temporarily and now the offer has disappeared. I have a screenshot of the offer but no way of taking advantage of th...

Resolved! b/band and tv black friday codes are invalid

1st post i came to nowtv 3 months ago and got long deals on sport, entertainment and cinema and got boost as it is, also last week i call up the accessible help as i struggle to purchase the black friday b/band plus tv deal on the web with mobility a...

When to add a voucher

Hi,received a free 6 month entertainment voucher when I renewed my membership.should I add it now or wait until my current voucher ends on the 18th December? 

BLACK friday

Hi. i cancelled NOWTV WITH EFFECT FROM December 12th. if I could get the BF offer, I would extend for a couple months. is this possible, or must I become someone else?