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Using the free six months mobile membership

Can anyone tell me exactly what this is and how you activate it. I have now tv on my iPad, not currently a paid member although did subscribe and received the below offer, no idea what it really means ..does it mean free to receive premier league foo...

Scam Email deal

I received official email deal from Now offering a 99p cinema and 99p Entertainment per month I accepted it as I had recently cancelled both these due to budgeting, it was a good a deal. They said you have to update your email and bank details for pa...


I have recently joined talk talk and was told I would be able to get now tv at discounted price , I am struggling to retrieve the voucher codes needed for this any help would be appreciated 


Got an offer from Now this morning problem is it has to be used by 22/02 as this is march it’s impossible to apply to my account 

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Free pass not recognised

When i bought my now stick it came with 1 month entertainment pass .i scratched it off but when i enter code it doesn't recognise the code.has anyone else had this problem?

£1 Movie Offer

I’ve just bought a £1 movie offer for 2 months, I paid for it, the pound was taken straight away, but when I came back to the payMent screen, it said tbere was a problem with payment?. But it’s already been taken. And I can’t watch any movies? 

Now tv voucher

I have been given a code for a nowtv entertainment package but it is saying the voucher is already being used. What shall I do ? 


on the day pass it comes with a mobile membership for sports,is there a deadline anyone knows that the last day that offer is available