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Sky Sports Season Ticket

Received an email yesterday about the Sky Sports Season Ticket for £179. Just wondering if the Season Ticket is limited to the football channels only or if it gives access to all the sports channels on Now TV.

HayU Pass

I'm having trouble finding the hayu pass, its not in my passes as the help pages suggests. Anyone else having the same problem? 

Resolved! Golf pass

As you are still offering it I took it as the football season is about to start. You have taken my money and given me a receipt but there is no pass in my account. If I click it it tells me to buy a pass.Tried to contact live chat and it goes blank a...

Movie pass

Ive applied for the £3.30 a mth offer for movies,come back of holiday and its not there and want to charge me the normal £9.99,can anybody help.thanks.

New customer offer link not working

Hi,Some help please would be great.I joined on 16/07/18 because I saw the current July offer of 50% off TV Entertainment and Cinema passes bundle when buying 6 months upfront.  I also purchased 6 months broadband and talk and a TV Stick.  The TV Stic...

heyu Pass

How do you use the heyu Pass as there is no heyu section in the AppleTV App?

Entertainment pass

HiWith F1 moving from channel 4 next season and only being shown on sky. I would like to be able to watch it on now tv but without paying for Whole day/month etc. Could now tv not allow customers to purchase an individual pass for each show of sport ...

Resolved! Amazon Pass

hi guys, footie starts soon so its time for NoWTV Last season i used to get 40% discount off sports when trying to cancel.I just tried to join but its £34, however on Amazon they sell them for about £25. Is it legit to buy them off Amazon ? They have...

1 day sports pass...can't access

Good afternoon,I have purchased a one day sports pass specifically to watch F1 and I can't access it on any device.I have tried tv (jvc) ,laptop and tablet and i can get the f1 menu but when I click on a program nothing happens.Help please