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Resolved! New Broadband but can’t get lower price Entertainment deal

Hi folks I just joined NOW broadband as a new customer, waiting for the setup. I was already an entertainment member with a discount until July (£6.99) since 2017.I cancelled the Entertainment pass since with the Broadband it said I could get £6.99 f...

LB3 by Mentor
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Sports Mobile not working

My membership shows I have sports mobile but when I try to watch it isn’t working as it sends me to a page to buy monthly or day membership.. my account says I have it until July so don’t know what’s happing and don’t know how to speak to a real pers...

Anne4 by Newbie
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Entertainment Boost Offer

There is an email offer doing the rounds: Entertainment at £1 a month for two months plus Boost free for 1 month. If you have not got either, or are currently paying full price, or within the last month of an existing offer period, you are eligible. ...

redchiz1 by Champion
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Purchasing more than 1 package at a time

HI,Does anyone know how to purchase more than 1 package at the same time ? I wanted to purchase 3 months Sports, Entertainment and boost but the checkout only seems to store one package at time. Also do I just purchase 1 version of boost that covers ...

AaronAG by Advocate
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New registration - Cashback not received

Hello Team, I opted for new tv boardband connection last February and I am a new user on to now tv network. I had opted for a cashback offer via . But there is no update on the cash back offer yet, it only shows "pendin...

Kaushik by Newbie
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Missing voucher

I bought a day Sports Pass earlier this year to watch a Premier League match. I never need to use same but wish to watch one this weekend. However, the voucher has disappeared from my account.Any ideas?

PeteJ by Advocate
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Email offer

I received an offer via email of £1/month for 3 months of Now Cinema, however when I click on the Join button it keeps on saying due to technical difficulties we cannot proceed. I logged into my account from that email (just to see if it was qenuine)...

£1 for Oscar Winning Movies

Just received an email from NOW <[email removed]>  promoting £1 for 3 months Cinema viewing. Ends Saturday 7 May. Is this legitimate or a scam.

PH by Newbie
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