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Offers & Vouchers


voucher eaten

I started the 14 day trial and applied a voucher on top then cancelled the sub so it doesn't come out if i forget but now the 2 months from the voucher is not showing on the pass and attempting to reapply the code shows it as invalid.Thoughts?

How do I cancel Sky Sports Mobile?

When buying a 1 week pass to Sky Sports, I got a free subscription to Sky Sports Mobile which I never wanted in the first place.NOW keep saying cancel anytime... but HOW???It tells you to go to the vouchers page and hit "cancel" button - but there is...

Movie email offer will not apply

When I click on email  Get offer link a blank page loads with the NOWTV header.  I am logged in OK.When I manually try to "Apply voucher" code I get the message:----------------Sorry, something went wrongThis could be because there is an issue with y...

Now stick and current payments

Can anyone shed some light on the deal that's on for the Now TV stick .I already pay for a cinema pass but want to get the stick and it offers the stick on its own for £14.99 or the stick with 1 month free cinema pass for £19.99How does this work do ...

Email offer

I’ve been emailed an offer from NowTV today to give me 3 months of cinema pass for £12, however when I click the link, it will not connect or let me progress to actually process the offer.

Subscription cancelled but charged

In September I purchased a one month pass to the sports channels and cancelled (via the tv on my membership page) on Monday 22nd October whereupon I received a massage stating my subscription would run till Friday 26th October. Today I have been bill...


Hi i just installed the box and inserted the 3 month free Entertainment code and it says its been used already.  I just opened it and scratched off the panel

Hayu Pass

Hi does anyone have any ideas as to when the HayU pass will become available for all? I have cancelled my HayU subscription and been waiting ages for it to appear but nothing has so far.