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now tv not working

Hi there Im trying to claim the £25 sky sports season offer but keep getting this message 'We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties, please try again later'  Any help? 

Not working

I tried to get this offer yesterday and it wasn’t going through?? sky sports £19.99 for 12 months 

Offer voucher not working

I received emails offering now sky sports for £19.99i tried to sign up all day yesterday and always got a technical error message today voucher expired. Not a very honourable company.

PL pass deal

Guys anyone received a deal for the new season PL footy ? last year I got £200 for the season, think that was on the 4th aug… anyone seeing anything so far ? 

Premiership Football costs on Now.

Why can't we have the offer of £18.00 per month just for the football channels, the same as Sky offer. I am a pensioner and love the football and can not afford to pay £33. per month, but can afford £18.00 per month, and would love to wa

NOW TV Boost

How does this company think its acceptable to charge me £5.00 without even notifying me? I didnt want to pay for this? £5.00 isnt a lot of money, but its the principle. You can't even talk to anyone if you have a question other than this forum

Resolved! Sports offer

I’ve recently looked at renewing my membership with Now Tv and have received an email from Now Tv offering me the sports pass for £19.99 for 12 months, however every time I click the link it says “we are experiencing technical difficulties please try...

2 months movies for £1 second month not working

Hi I have been cut off chat now twice which is very frustrating. I signed up on 27 June for 2 months movies £1 a month and was debited £1 on 28 June. I cannot now access the movies and your online chat has said I need to update card details-it is sam...