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quidco tracking timeframe

Hi all,I would be very grateful for any help you can give. I placed a new NowTV order, via Quidco, that the latter says should attract £90 cashback. Quidco activity usually tracks within a couple of hours, yet quite some time later mine hasn't tracke...

Black Friday Sky Sports £20 per month

Hello, I currently have active a sky sports mobile monthly pass which is due to be cancelled 2nd of December. There is an offer for sky sports but when I click on the offer not signed in, I can add this to the checkout. When I then sign in and click ...

Sky Sports offer error

Hello,My Sky Sports offer is due to end.i went to cancel it yesterday and today.i was offered a one off renewal price of £16.99, which I want to accept, however it keeps coming up with a Technical Error.Cant find any way of starting a live chat.Anybo...

Movies & Entertainment Annual Pass

Last January 2018 I got a discount to buy 12 months of Movies and another one for 12 months entertainment. These expire in a few weeks so was wondering if there was any new similar deals for existing customers?

Resolved! Sky sports pass

Can you cancel the six month rolling £20 pm sports pass in the first month of the contract without penalty and have a full Service for the first month

Cant claim month free pass

just brought now tv stick with one month free entertainment & cinema plus one day free sky sports. on set up there was no option to redeem and activate my offers. How can I activate them, my only option given is 7 days free

Now tv passes missing

Hi dunno if any1 else has had this problem but I bought a new now tv stick with 3 passes on and still not seen anything on my account for the last 24 hours can someone from the now tv team please get in touch

Now TV stick Tesco credit

I ordered 2 of the sticks with my clubcard credit and I received two emails straight away after ordering saying I got £19.99 credit after both I thought great because it makes them free. However it looks like these emails where sent in error. I was g...