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Offers & Vouchers


1 month passes not working

I cannot redeem my passes, i have 4 and not one is working. I get ‘Vouchers are not available at this time; please try later’. Am I the only one getting this? Is now tv just trying to make me spend money?

Black Friday Offer for Sky Sports

I see that a Black Friday offer is on for Sky Sports for £20/month for 6 months. I then login to my account and surprise surprise, that offer is not being shown.  How can this be when its advertised as available and yet there is no way I can add it t...

Top Cash Back offer

I signed up to NOWtv broadband through TopCashBack  as they had a £90 cashback offer.  This was about 5 weeks ago, and my broadband was activated 2 weeks ago....any idea how long it takes (if ever!) to get cashback through?  I'm assuming the hold up ...

NOW TV feedback to the management

I'm not sure if NowTV management read any of the feedback on here but there seem to be some very common threads re issues we, your customers, are facing (so it's not just "Bob from Brighton" having a little rant). 1. Black Friday deals are not made a...

No deals??

Its that time again and where my two months of Entertainment pass ends. No deals at all?? I'm not even allowed any black Friday deals. I'm only allowed Sports deals but I don't want that sooo Yeah.   

Gift Card

I received a giftcard, when I go to activate it nothing happens. I currently have a subscription to movies which runs out in February. Will I have to wait til then to put the card in or can I use it now? Thanks

Resolved! Black Friday Sky Sports £20 per month

When i log in the 6 month deal for Sky Sports for £20 pm appears in my offers. However when i picked the voucher  i get an error saying:"We're having trouble with vouchers right now. Please wait a moment and try again."I've tried multiple times with ...

Resolved! 3 month Entertainment Pass issue

dded a 3 month entertainment voucher I received as a giftcard to my account.I did this on October 8th.My Account says now that the pass expires on Dec 8th ??? - thats only TWO months.??am I missing something here??Please advisethanks.