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Offers & Vouchers



So I was thinking of taking out a subscription for NOW TV as I read COUNTLESS TIMES that I could watch/use the app on my LG smart TV.I took out a month's subs and now I find out I can't because the app ISN'T THERE.Absolute &*%()*&%)(%& waste of time ...

Month Offer Sports Pass .

Merry Christmas , Take care with Sports one month Pass at £16.99.looks outstanding for existing customers . Be aware there is a 10 day no Premier League matches in January . Prime is doing good football coverage over Christmas . Now Tv is getting gre...

Free month sports pass

I've had an email this week saying I've had a month's free now tv sports pass added to my account. But nothing has been added I've checked everyday is there anything I can do.?

Vodaphone voucher code

Put on a vodaphone rewards code yesterday. Suppose to have 2 months cinema pass @ £1 per month. It's taken 10p out of my bank account. Now tv keeps saying 'I need a pass'. I've already put the pass in. I cant believe there's no customer services, jus...

Retention offer & free voucher

Hi,Not sure what I need to do here. Am currently on a retention offer for the Movies pass and I have a month's free voucher pending on my account. I'm on the last month of my retention offer now so I went in to cancel and activate my pending month's ...

Broadband offers

When I go into Now TV and select my Post Code and my Phone Number I can only get the basic Broadband deal. Yet if I put in my next door neighbour detail in they can get fast broadband? Why is this? Thank you

Resolved! Now TV smart box monthly passes not showing

So just over a month ago I bought a smart box with monthly passes for cinema, entertainment, kiss and a day sports pass.  I set it up but didn't activate the passes as I wanted to have them to watch over Xmas.  Just gone onto now TV and can't find th...

Unable to buy entertainment pass

I had 2 months left on entertainment pass but it has disappeared.  Entered a new voucher but freezes on page.  I then wanted to buy a pass but there is no option  for entertainment just for sports, movies etc. I have used different browsers but still...

Cinema pass for £4.80 pm for 3 months

After cancelling an Entertainment pass I was offered a Cinema pass for £4.80 pm for 3 months. I clicked on this offer to accept but when I did the screen went blank and when I tried to find the same offer again it had vanished!!Can anyone at NowTV he...