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Offers & Vouchers



I apply my voucher, now tv says it is applied, but then asks me to select Pay Now to complete.  There is no option to pay now, only offering me a 1 months free trial which I dont want.  I just want to apply the 1 months cinema i paid for.  Can anyone...

Voucher code not recognised

I moved my now tv to adidferent part if the room. Reset screen showing to enter code.went to passes and vouchers but codes (tried multiple) not working. tried everything that was suggested on the site but unable to get to home screen help!

factory reset where is my voucher code

Hi I hope someone can help I have done a factory reset as i kept loosing signal and upon a channel scan i only bbc stations, so i did the reset logged in on my laptop and need to enter my 8.99 a month tv voucher code the problem is I cant find the co...

Problem with Cinema Pass says PIN incorrect

HiI'm trying to load a cinema pass which appears to be accepted but when i click apply voucher i get a message saying PIN incorrect!  not sure why as it's not asked for the PIN & i'm not buying, just trying to apply a voucher.CheersAndy

Resolved! Entertainment pass

I took out a broadband deal and it said it comes with 12 months free entertainment pass, I don't seem to have it and the robots are not helping me , they keep sending to links I don't need 

Resolved! £1.00 for 2 month offer

I have received an email whixh states I can get 2 months Entertainment Pass for £1.00. However, when I click on the link it is sending me to the normal passes screen. There is no choice to select for this offer or no voucher code to submit for the de...

Cancellation offer

Hi all, upon cancellation of my 7 day trial  I received an offer of £4 a month for 3 months of which I agreed to stay on as I thought it was a good deal, nearly 2 weeks later I’ve gone onto now tv cinema and my offer is no longer there It’s telling m...

Sports passes

Sports passes added on to my tv account.What is the best prices you can do as virgin offered sky sports for ,£22 a month.