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New offer waiting for me???????

For some time now I've kept my Now TV Entertainment viewing on the go by constantly adding those £10 for two months Gift Cards that you get from Supermarkets....... I just keep adding them so it doesn't renew at full price. I added my last voucher ba...

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Cancel and renewing

Hi last nite was goin to cancel my entertainment pass but was offered a discount and decided to stay but can see they have cancelled this..what can i do now?

Sky Sports Mobile 5 month

Hi. I bought a Sky Sports Day Pass yesterday with the free 5 month Sky Sports Mobile promotion. But Sky Sports Mobile won't work today - it says I need an active Sports pass. I see this is a very common problem that really should have been sorted out...

Vouchers waiting

Hi!I recently took an offer that involved a Now TV stick a month entertainment pass and a month boost pass. I already had a cinema membership that I used on ipad but didn't have a stick. I've plugged the stick in, followed the instructions on screen ...

Resolved! Pass has not activated

We have purchased two now tv sticks the first one we activated the passes went onto my account. The second one we activated the passes are not showing.  It said it could not ass them as we already had passed active.  Can you help as I am missing a mo...

Pass not showing on account

I tried to cancel my pass which was due to end on the 26th Feb. While going through the process an offer on last pages of £2.40 for 3 months. I briefly saw a message saying thanks for saying with us and that it would expire on 26th May. But it’s not ...