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Offers & Vouchers


Can't apply new voucher

HI, I bought a PS4 from GAME in December 2019 and as part of the deal I was given a 1 month Cinema Pass and 2 month Entertainment Pass. I have tried applying the Cinema pass but the link says Sorry - this offer has now ended and you missed out this t...

existing customer deals

With the current situation on the UK and people having to stay at home and some now not working and some even are losing money each month. Is NOW tv going to put deals or discounts on for existing customers for this period to help some people find it...

TV Pass

Hi, I have a 6 month tv pass voucher that for some reason did not work and I've now been charged for a year pass. I have tried to cancel but it wont let me and I cant find a contact number anywhere. Please help 

Two device limit

Hi Given the current situation could nowtv not lift the limit on only being able to watch two devices at one time?....there is a lot of people staying home with kids & not everyone wants to watch the same thing??

Resolved! Vouchers

Purchased a nowtv Voucher. When I put code in its asking for my bank details. I don't  want to give my bank details as I have a voucher. Please help

Now TV pass code not working

Bought 2 new 2 month Entertainment and Cinema passes from Currys, accounts both within 30 days of current offer ending but when enter new codes it just goes back to same page and no confirmation of acceptance. Tried in both IE and Chrome but same iss...

Resolved! Free Trial

I signed up for the free trial but have been charged an unexpected 10p I know it’s not much but I am not happy about it

Free passes missing

I’m an existing customer but needed to get a new stick purchased today with cinema and entertainment passes I’ve set the stick up as described but no free passes on my account