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Woeful, woeful woeful, WOEFUL WOEFUL Website.

For a site that's clearly meant to run itself given the lack of interaction available (no email address, live chat unavailable - absolutely horrendous experience when you do get though), this is possibly the worst website ever, certainly of a major brand.

I was offered a discount code to stop me canceling the sports. I thought, ok I'll give it a bit longer, maybe the relentless buffering will change. 

The code didn't work. So I cancelled.

I went to look for a board to leave a message on, absolutely no way am I engaging with tye live chat here again after the last experience, but no, there isn't one, only live chat, and oh, that's down.

Also, there's a survey, you value my feedback, so ok I'll give you some. Oh wait, you value feedback so much you can't be bothered to make the form actually fit the screen it's on, so it's impossible to complete. 

Laughable. Well done sky, well done. Slow hand clap.


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