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Scholar 2

With 2023 F1 season just days away……..

Come on NOW TV time to put some realistic offers out there…pretty please 🙏🏻


Yeah I pay £4.99 a month currently for the entertainment package via now and that’s all I think it’s worth tbh. Btw I have tried Stream before but found the hardware to be lacking, pretty slow UI etc. it may have improved now tbf as it was about 4 months ago. The issue for me was needing to watch at different addresses and having to rely on the 720p stream on sky go app which isn’t acceptable for £12 a month extra. 


£21 a month for 12 months + 1 month free boost at This did not appear in my offers, nor email.


Omg thank you! Nothing in my offers or via email for me either and was about to give up hope.



Looks like I'll have to go for this too, as I've not received any other offer.
I need boost too, which is free for a month (as in last year's deal) but has gone up by £1 as well.
So for the 9 months of the season this year's deal works out as ( £21 x 9 ) + ( £6 x 8 ) = £237 or £26.33 per month.
The deal last year worked out as ( £19.99 x 9 ) + ( £5 x 8 ) = £219.91 or £24.43 per month.
This year's is £17 more in total and effectively £1.90 more per month.


Well, I would claim it, but I can't, at least not at the moment;

Sorry something went wrong

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties, please try again later.
Legend 5
Legend 5

Hi @c128 

If you are still getting the error message and not currently on an existing offer with 30 days or more remaining or have an active Day or saved Day Sports Pass on your account or billed via a third party for example BT TV, Amazon etc.

Then try a different internet browser or another device such has a smartphone with mobile internet data on it to claim the offer.

If using a VPN or you are currently outside the UK will also block the offer.

Should you have no luck jump over to NOW live chat.

With regards to the free one month Boost, I would try cancelling it before the first Boost Payment is due to see if you are given a retention discount for Boost to keep it active (if no retention discount is forthcoming and you want to keep Boost, then re activate the Boost again).


So, weirdly, the link worked shortly after I posted that, but only when I logged out of my current session with NowTV and then logged in again when prompted as a result of clicking the link...

Didn't think about that for the Boost - will try that, thanks!


Excellent ...thank you! 

Scholar 2

Hey what a great offer! Really so happy for everyone that this offer became available even though at the last minute. @c128 hope the tec difficulty is sorted! 


Thanks.  This new offer appeared in my account offers at the same time as on the main site, exactly the same deal by the looks of it.

I'd been on the chat a couple of days ago and they said there would be an offer for me soon - I admit I'd been sceptical about that, but all credit to them, they came through.

Now signed up and looking forward to Bahrain!

For those who want to keep Boost it's probably worth cancelling it whenever it expires at convenient points between races and starting it up again at the start of the next event.  Spreading out the Boost payments like that might save a couple of months worth of £6 payments.  Even better if you end up getting a retention offer.