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Why have now tv stopped selling vouchers?

Have they given a reason?


One of the big selling points for having now tv was being able to pick up vouchers, dip in and out or pay for 3 or 6 months up front.


The £25 sports pass was good now you are forced into paying full price without a deal.


All very poor from now tv. 

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No reason, but probably so many vouchers were not validated they ended up spending too much time supporting it.


Anyway, £30 for sport +stick generally available.  Mine had a £3.49 Sky store voucher as well.



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Last week I asked Now TV if they had stopped selling passes and gift cards, this was their official answer:


As for the offers on our passes just keep an eye on our web site for offers for NOWTV passes.
Our gift card are not available anymore on our web site but you might still find them in 3rd party retailers.


So there you have it, gift cards are out but keep an eye out for passes.



UK Bob


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