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Why has my TV past been cancelled ?

I had a 24 month pass with Vodafone that was due to finish in June. I was watching TV yesterday and it worked fine I’ve upgraded my phone to receive my new phone today. At lunch I’ve just tried to use NOW TV and it says I don’t have any passes what is this

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Re: Why has my TV past been cancelled ?

I would suggest you ask Vodafone as the issue seems connected with you change of mobile phone.

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Re: Why has my TV past been cancelled ?



The adverts for the 24 month pass make it clear that these stop if/when you discontinue the Vodaphone service.


If your upgrade was to another phone still on the Vodaphone service, it looks like Vodaphone didn’t pick this up. So, as @nowswaish says, talk to Vodaphone.


OTOH, if you changed providers, then the cessation of the Vodaphone goody was a consequence of this.

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