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Why I May Not Resubscribe To Now TV

I have been a long term user of Now TV but always took advantage of discounts on the Entertainment and Cinema passes and very rarely paid full price. This past year I have not subscribed due to my favorite shows not being on, probably due to the virus. There is only one show that may entice me back which is expected in January. I do not judge Now TV to be value for money if you add the standard price of Cinema and Entertainment passes together.


I am at present with another supplier who offers sports, movies, tv shows etc at less than a third   of the cost of Now TV. The movies may not always be the latest releases but who cares ? I have about 50 films in my personal list to see at sometime.


Now Tv's reluctance to make short term offers and the apparent demise of the vouchers is sending the service in my opinion in a downward spiral.



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@Anonymous User 

Now TV has ditched the “annual” or “6 month” passes. This is most likely down to COVID causing chaos with refunding thousands of users due to sports not going ahead etc.


So now any offers will be generally be based on account by account basis.

Youll see a “red” banner within your passes section


There is where you’ll see offers based on your account. Which will change every so often.

Finally there is the “offers” section on the snow TV website.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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I have never paid full price.  And just got a email with half price movies for 6 months.  Also in   I think Now TV is better than it ever was now it is on a fire stick.  My only concern is that there is unlikely to be much new stuff in 2021 and the loss of movies to Disney +.


6 months of Sky Cinema for £5.99 a month:Offer available to this NOW TV My Account holder only. Offer not available to customers with an active Sky Cinema Pass. Pass auto renews at standard price after 6 months unless cancelled (currently: Sky Cinema Pass £11.99 a month). You can cancel anytime



Also one for Entertainment in


6 months of Entertainment for £4.99 a month: Available to this NOW TV My Account holder only. You pay £4.99pm for 6 months of Entertainment Pass instead of the current standard price of £9.99 a month. Offer lost if you cancel your Entertainment Pass before last month of offer period. Offer not available to existing customers already with an Entertainment Month Pass.


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Original poster here.


Thanks for the replys, sorry for the delay in responding.

With Now TV I checked my personalised offers  yesterday and had only one offer of a sports pass.


Useless, since I have never used or wanted  a sports pass.


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Hi Fellas


I must first admit that I completely agree with Michael's POV, especially as Now TV seems to have abandoned the pass/voucher scheme.  And for me, that has put an expiry date on my membership and use of the services on offer.


One of the big pluses for me has always been the use of vouchers, it gave me the kind of flexibility and choice that I found "well worth" having. Now that passes are gone and the replacement are personalised offers, which are dependent on someone else's decision making, I feel has removed the freedom, flexibility and value I enjoy when using Now TV's services.


So, like Michael, when my current lot of passes run out I will be cancelling my Now TV account and saying goodbye to Now TV, which is a shame because I, too, am a long term customer and still enjoy watching the US shows on offer.



UK Bob

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NOW TV automatically applied the Entertainment for £4.99 for 6 months offer to my account (a sordid practice) but I’ll cancel it after the first month as there is just no new original content worth watching in 2021. Then at that point, I’m done with NOW TV unless an F1 offer comes along (but I doubt it somehow).