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What do i get?

What do you actually get with each pass? As I've bought a 3 month entertainment pass but certain things appear to be off limits even though you can view as if you have access to it (like movies, I know in hindsight it's obvious now but didn't realise at the time). I can't find anywhere that'll tell me what's not included on each pass. Is it cheaper to buy a joint cinema and entertainment pass, if that's even possible? How does this work? I'm really new to this service and the website seems shockingly bad at telling you. 

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Re: What do i get?

Hi @Mz93 


Maybe have a read of this help article, where if you click on the green links contained in the guide such has "find out more about an entertainment pass" or cinema pass it will provide you more information what channels etc you get.


There are five different types of passes which are entertainment, cinema, sports, kids and hayu and each pass is normally purchased separate (unless you take up a entertainment & cinema offer which sometimes crop up, but these normally are for new customers who haven't already bought a pass) where you can pick and choose any combination of passes you want to purchase on your account.


There are occasions throught the year such has Black Friday deals on the nowtv website that they offer combined entertainment & cinema passes for both new and existing customers that are heavily discounted and pretty good value.


Unless there is any nowtv deals banded around either mentioned here on the forum, nowtv offers website page or HotUK deals website, then NowTV voucher gift cards are cheaper to buy than paying the std monthly subscription prices.


Nowtv gift card voucher passes can be bought from places like Argos, Currys etc.


I you haven't used a free 7 day cinema trial before, maybe take advantage of it and see if you would like the movies pass as well (don't forget to cancel the trial or passes before your next due schedule payment date) which you check and cancel under My Account > Passes & Vouchers whilst signed in on here.








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