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Anonymous User
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Well, this is embarrassing…

Decided to cancel my Entertainment Subscription... as the TV content is Now a bit repetitive....


Went through the process, and was awarded an offer of £3.20 a month for 3 months....


This I decided I would take up, as its less than halfprice ... however, grated with the following message...

"Well, this is embarrassing… We're not sure what happened there.

Please try selecting your offer again."
Tried again, and still get the same error message !
 @Anonymous User Is there a problem with the website ?
error message.jpg
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Anonymous User
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Contacted LiveChat.


They couldn't apply that offer, but did give me a pass for £3.49 a month for four months..


Hopefully, the content will improve by the end of the year !




Anonymous User
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Same thing happening to me now

Anonymous User
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Getting same error for last 2 days