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Voucher wasn't redeemed.

So, I bought 3 vouchers back in late August for a month's Sports pass each, redeeming the first one 2nd Sep - 2nd Oct. I've added another one in September, I'm certain of it, for the dates 2nd Oct - 2nd Nov. However, I've just noticed that it didn't 'take', and so I was charged for the month from 2nd Oct - 2nd Nov.
Now, I know that I definitely redeemed it because I only have one of my voucher-cards left, and I would not have thrown the voucher-card away if it hadn't have been added to the account. NOWTV are saying they have no record of me adding this voucher.
Is there anything I can do? I have the receipt from the shop, that shows that I bought THREE vouchers, and it lists the card number, but not the voucher code as that is scratched off when used. Is there any way of tracing this 'missing' voucher code from the card numbers?

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