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Voucher code not showing on account

I cancelled a free 14 day movie trial on 30/1/19 as I had a 2 month voucher. I entered this and it was accepted until 29/3/19. However I now cant see it on my TV or on the now TV account.

Help, how this be resolved please?


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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Voucher code not showing on account

Hi @Consam 

If you haven't resolved it, get nowtv live chat to look into this for you why your voucher has disappeared from your account.

Link here to live chat.

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Re: Voucher code not showing on account

I applied a voucher code and it was showing up on my account so throw the code away. I am now being charged the 7.99 even though I have applied code which is now not showing on my account I sent Email and they have asked for a snapchat photo. Does anyone keep a code after it has been applied unless it is on a guarentee for electric goods. On the Email I was sent it has a case Ref Number Case ID: 04430829 this is just a message warning people that If they apply a free code keep it and check their bank account on date of regular payment as this is not the first time this has happened to me should have known better. Sorry for ranting on it is leagal theft and you cant talk to someone in person just by Email.

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