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Voucher code expired but not expired!

Having brought a product from GAME 27/11/19 where i get some NOW TV 2 months free vouchers, i came to redeem these vouchers a few weeks ago only to be told that they are invalid / expired! The terms on these vouchers are valid for 6 months after the purchase date which takes me up to the 27th May 2020. I have finally gotten an answer from GAME saying that this is a NOW TV issue and to address it with them, however due to Covid-19 NOW TV are not operating an online chat and it is impossible to get to speak to anyone!!! Looking on the community forums do not help either. How do you get to speak to somebody at NOW TV & get this sorted?

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hey mate, same issue. I have many vouchers wanting to know the expiry date of, have about 6x 1 day sport passes.


just asked how we find out expiry date of the passes.


No idea why online chat is closed. As ppl can work from HOME. Can they NOT>!?



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You can contact via email


customerservices at (email addresses aren't allowed here so obviously replace 'at' and the spaces with '@'). Don't expect a quick reply as there is a backlog of issues to deal with.


Failing that, you can submit a complaint form


Click on vouchers and offers>I still want to make a complaint>submit your complaint by web form (highlighted in blue).


As for why chat isn't working - it's outsourced to India which is locked down and our data protection laws prevent them from going home with access to our stuff. 

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Same issue here and looks like it's a wider problem based on how many posts there are about it. Valid Sky Entertainment voucher purchased from Currys-PC World. Sent a complaint ticket a few days as it was looking impossible to contact them any other way. But not heard anything yet.


5 days left before it needs to be applied.