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Unable to redeem Sports voucher with the one day pass unused



I have 16 hours left on my Sky Sports pass offer which I tried to redeem, but I get the following error message "You've already got a Sky Sports Pass. You can only have one Sports Pass at a time." This is the 24 hour Sky Sports pass I got when I first bought the box and never needed to use yet.


Am I stuck without being able to get the 3 months Sky Sports pass because I still have this bloody 24 hour thing in my way?

Expert 3

Yes. If you have a sports pass on your account you can’t get another sports pass.


However, you can open another account to get the offer.  But you might have to use a different payment card/address these days.


Alternatively, It may be worth using the day pass on 17 June and seeing if another offer starts before 19 June.