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Two month cinema pass

Hi I ordered a Now TV  smart box it arrived with the wrong pass


I ordered a two month cinema pass........ but got a 3 month entertainment pass


I got cut off the live chat as the link she sent me said error 404 and I couldn;t feed in the two month cinema pass code SHE GAVE ME.


 I have an account I created it while speaking to advisor

Can anyone tell me how do I feed this two month passcode in

 as I have now got an account and a 14 day free trial


But I paid for the box and a two month pass do I do it ..? 


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Andy Legend 5
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Re: Two month cinema pass



Welcome to the forum. If your account is all set up with payment details etc. Then you should be able to pop onto your My Account > My Passes page


and  click the apply a voucher link in the Cinema section. More details here




Re: Two month cinema pass

ive spent a whole morning trying to negotiate my way around now tv's abysmal site - eventually after a few calls to curry where my box was purchased (christmas gift from son) I tried to register my TWO MONTH FREE CINEMA PASS !!! but its only showing as a month!! not a way of redoing or god forbid!! speaking to a human being - no only info its a forum full of  - surprise surprise -  folk with similar problems!!! oh joy NOW TV GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER

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