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Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Seems that you will be able to trade in your Tesco Clubcard Vouchers for triple their value on your NowTV account with this new partnership announced below.


This is great news for me where i am a Tesco Clubcard member and all the other previous Clubcard partners on board where you can trade up your Tesco vouchers didn't interest me.


I read on another website (not from an official NowTV source) that the above will be happening sometime during August 2019 this year.



Anonymous User
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worth giving Tesco some (polite) grief on Twitter. They try and wash their hands of it but if you get fiercer they will sort of listen. This will also disavow them of the idea that it doesn't matter because 'only a small number of customers are affected'. In my day you tested things before putting them live. A thing of the past...

Anonymous User
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"the relevant team will get back to you within 24-48 hours"

It's now 4 days and I'm still being ignored. early £200 of credit stuck in my NowTV account from Clubcard exchange and can't use it due to NowTV going back on a promise which I have in writing

Anonymous User
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You may as well add me to the growing list of people that are unable to add credit. I find it astonishing that prices keep going up but the levels of service seem to go down.


I am now in the wait for 5 days for technical support to get back to you so as I suggested to the chat person who may as well not have attended work today for what little use he was (he even thought my account was inactive!) if you wish to use Clubcard points the service should be renamed from "NOW TV" to "5 days time TV" 😁

Anonymous User
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I am not sure why you are unable to add credit, as the issue appears to have been resolved for me. The clubcard points correctly transferred to my NowTV account at 3x value and I have funds sat there.

My issue is that the delay meant I can no longer get 10 months of SkySports, despite it being very clearly stated to me in writing that NowTVs clubcard wallet issue would not stop me from taking the Season Pass offer even if the issue was resolved after the pass offer expiry date.

I realised I might be in this position as the offer end date was looming, so I specifically sought an assurance, and got it.

It's my last attempt today to resolve this with NOWTV, if I get palmed off again then I will be taking this further, Trading Standards, Watchdog,any relevant Ombudsman and anything else I can think of.


As you can tell, I have a real bee in my bonnet about large media organisations not playing fair. If there are others of you with my specific issue, maybe collaboration would help us get some progress.


Anonymous User
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Hey @Anonymous User the problem does still remain for me and the Chat Help are about as much use as a chocolate chisel I have been lied to been told 3 different timescales by the same agent in the same chat and had the chat cut by 2 different agents and all this while you are not allowed to be passed to a supervisor/manager, I assume they are too good to talk to common customers.


Anyway I have sent an email to Jeremy Darroch (CEO of Sky/Now TV) along with a CC to Dave Lewis (CEO of Tesco) given that NOW TV chat implied that Tesco where at fault to me. I would suggest it might be worth you sending an email as well then maybe they will start taking it seriously.


If you just do a search for the companies on up the addresses pop not sure if I can post the email addresses direct here.

Anonymous User
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Thanks Olijack, I will do that. I also think I am likely to get more traction by going outside of the organisation to someone like an Ombudsman or Trading Standards. 

The only problem is, NowTV won't tell me what Ombudsman, if any, oversees their business.


I know what you mean about timescales. Several times now I have been given a timescale for a response and the actual response has been twice as long.

I am awaiting a response right now, I have no idea whether they will bother to reply or not. It's radio silence until I get a one-way email communication, then I have to go back through online chat again to get to someone who wont give me any answers and just sends my communication to another department...only for them to reply via one-way email.

They wont allow you to maintain a communication with someone who can make a difference, they put barriers in the way all the time.

Anonymous User
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It is really frustrating isn't it I kept asking repeatedly to speak to a Manager/Supervisor and on the few occasions when the agent answered that question it was simply that it wasn't possible and that was the end of teh discussion. I have never had to deal with a business with such poor customer service as SKY in both their main persona and as Now TV.


All the time I was talking to the agent yesterday it felt like their job is to avoid and ignore any question that they do not wish to answer this isn't customer service it is just customer fobbing off! I get that maybe they have a script and limited knowledge and abilities in frontline service teams but to have no mechanism to be passed to someone with greater expertise is nothing short of APPALING!!


However I think it speaks volumes about the respective businesses that I sent an email to both CEO's yesterday and I received a confirmation email from only one of those 2 businesses involved and to give Tesco their due it was them who confirmed receipt.


Can't really help you with ombudsmman as the only regulator I can think of who have any sway over Now TV would be Ofcom but not sure if they get involved in customer service or they are just involved in the regulatory side of UK telecommunications. Trading Standards however are definitely a great bet though.

Anonymous User
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Appears to still be a problem, got my email from Tesco saying " Your clubcard voucher credit is ready ", click the link -  You click the link and the Nowtv rotating circles appear and nothing else happens !


Yet another computer system not tested properly ! 



I got an email saying my credit of £7.99 was ready to use but what they did was deduct £7.99 from my £18 credit, to pay for my Movies subscription.


[I'm on a £7.99 a month for 4 months retention offer, I know😱]



Add me to the list of users unable to add credit.


Transferred Clubcard vouchers on 1 September, however was unable to add the Now TV credit to my account. Spoke to chat the same day and was told I would hear back within 3-5 days. Nearly two weeks later and I've heard nothing and still can't add the credit.


Pretty shoddy customer service and not sure what to do now.